Thirsty 30 is a campaign between Key Club and Thirst Project to help raise money to build water projects. Pledge above to participate!

This is the FOURTH year we are partnering with Key Club for the Thirsty 30 campaign. This campaign is designed to activate every member of every Key Club! You as a young person can lead your fellow club members and students to help us END the water crisis. Check out the info below to see how the campaign works!

how to participate

Key Clubbers! Thirsty 30 is an EPIC campaign to get every single member of your club involved. Here is a checklist with step by step instructions on how to participate.

  1. Pledge to participate HERE!
  2. Count the number of club members you have. Let’s say you have 50 members as an example.
  3. Go get 50 envelopes and number them 1-50.
  4. Match each member with an envelope.
  5. Each member needs to fill up their envelope with the dollar amount that corresponds to the number on their envelope.
  6. If I have the number 32, I need to fill my envelope with $32.
  7. Give your members 30 days!
  8. Have them turn their envelopes into a central location, like your advisors classroom!
  9. At the end of the campaign, count the money you raised and send it into Thirst Project to help build water projects!


Years that Thirsty 30 has been around as an OFFICIAL Campaign with Key Club International.

tips and tricks


Tips and Tricks to help you fill up your envelop to raise money for water projects!

Fundraising is HARD. Thirsty 30 is EASY! We designed this campaign so each individual can get creative with HOW they raise money. Here are some tips and tricks for you to participate. Post about it on Social Media with our Thirsty 30 social skins. Get your family and friends in on the fun. Educate them about the global water crisis and WHY you care about it!

club donation tracking sheet

As you give out envelopes to your club members, it is SUPER important to keep track of each club member and the envelope they have taken. Organization is KEY! Download our checklist to help you keep track of which member took what envelope.


The average size of one Key Club. Challenge EVERYONE to participate!

how to send in money?


The amount of money raised by the NEB District last year, winning the Thirst Project District Service Award.

When you’ve completed Thirsty 30, you can send the money as a check to Thirst HQ!

Make checks out to Thirst Project and send them to our office address

Thirst Project 5478 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400. Los Angeles, CA 90036

BE SURE to include a note that says what Key Club you’re from and the fact that you raised the money from Thirsty 30!!!