Thirsty 30

Key Club International + Thirst Project = WORLD CHANGED

Thirst Project is an official partner of Key Club International, and this year we're BACK with our annual campaign, THIRSTY 30! Launching on January 28th, Thirsty 30 challenges every key club to collectively commit to raise money for clean water projects, especially in the Kingdom of eSwatini. Even though the official launch is January 28th, feel free to start the campaign whenever. Just remember, it is a 30 day campaign where EVERY member can participate!

If you or your club is planning on participating, pledge to participate here!

We've broken it down to make it super digestible! Check out three easy steps that will guarantee to make Thirsty 30 a success :)



Pledge to participate in Thirsty 30!

Complete clean water fundraising domination in thirty days starts with identifying how many people you want to participate!

(10, 20, 50, 100, 150, etc.)

Choose wisely!

Have your peeps pick an envelope with a number on it. The number you choose means you are committed to raise that amount of money!
Some insider scoop...

Have each participant ask 10 people in their personal group or neighborhood to help!

If 5 classes each gave out 20 envelopes, that’s already $1,050 raised for clean water projects!