336 Hours To End The Greatest Drought In Swaziland History For Two Communities of Mphafeni

Hours Remaining 203
Percentage to Goal 28%

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Swaziland is a small country in southern Africa that has the single highest–density HIV/AIDS population in the world. Water plays an incredibly critical role in effectively treating or managing AIDS. Thirst Project has made a bold commitment to provide access to safe, clean drinking water to all people in the country by 2022. We are working closely with the Government of Swaziland to reach 100% coverage.

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We are a movement of thousands of students who have joined the fight against the global water crisis. Thirst Project is an army of socially-conscious young people on a mission to end the global water crisis. We know that young people are THE most-powerful agents for social change in the world. We WILL see the end of the global crisis, but not without you!

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