Start Your Fundraiser

Plan and execute your own fundraiser or event in your school/community to help us end the global water crisis! Take whatever you are good at, and use it to help give people clean water.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Outdoor

    Walk for water, bike for water, run for water! Get outside and do things you already love to do–but for clean water!

  • Birthday or

    HBD! Give up your birthday or Christmas presents for clean water! When your friends ask what you want for your birthday, say you want to give all your presents for donations to Thirst Project instead! NBD.

  • Party

    Party for water! Get your groove on and organize a dance for water. When you dance for clean water, there is no such thing as a bad dance move.

  • Create
    Your Own

    You're creative. Do something crazy for clean water!

Take Action

If you are in LA, get a feel for the Thirst Project HQ with these amazing volunteer opportunities. Located somewhere else? We'll send a postcard, but we’ve got room for you too. Volunteer remotely (we’ll soak up the sun on your behalf).