Take some time to get to know our newest partner; Selfless by Hyram. A skincare brand that commits to making a positive impact on the global water crisis.


United through a shared set of values and a desire to make a positive impact on the world, Hyram and The INKEY List have partnered to bring you Selfless by Hyram - a collection of effective, gentle skincare that has one mission, to spark social change one product at a time.

Find out for yourself about our partnership with Selfless by Hyram by clicking the link above.

introducing Selfless by Hyram


We are honoured to present our newest partner; Selfless by Hyram. A skincare brand that is committed to making a positive impact on the global health and more specifically the water crisis. Make a difference now with each purchase of the Niacinamide & Maracujá Daily Barrier Support Moisturizer or Mandelic Acid & Rice Bran Gentle Exfoliating Serum online here.

Our organizations share a mutual passion to engage young people to act and drive positive change. Co-Founded by Hyram Yarbro and the founders of The INKEY List, Selfless by Hyram have developed a partnership with Thirst Project to bring clean water to those who need it most and help us to achieve our mission of ending the global water crisis.

Every single product purchased will have a direct impact on the water crisis in the Kingdom of eSwatini with impacts helping to support Health, Access to Education and Women & Girls.

“I love and chose to work with Thirst Project because of their commitment to community empowerment and providing sustainable clean water systems to communities. Access to clean water not only helps improve the physical health of people around the world, but it also directly impacts education, women’s empowerment, local economies, and the future generation. I share their belief that the global water crisis will be resolved within our lifetime, and I admire their acknowledgement that young people are the hope for leading this movement. I am thrilled for how many communities will get access to clean drinking water because of our partnership.”

– Hyram Yarbro, Co-Founder of Selfless by Hyram

impact on eswatini


Communities in the Kingdom of eSwatini that will gain access to clean water.


People in the Kingdom of eSwatini who will gain access to clean water.

Right now, still 31% of the Kingdom of eSwatini still lacks access to safe, clean drinking water. We will work closely with Selfless by Hyram to fund projects in over 60 communities in the Kingdom of eSwatini, providing access to clean water to over 35,000 people for life. Selfless by Hyram are dedicated our mission of ending the water crisis in the Kingdom of eSwatini. You can track the impact of our work together by following this link.


“When Hyram & the team at Selfless by Hyram came knocking with an opportunity to change the world together—we knew this would be a match made in heaven. With a strong belief that social impact comes first, in transparency, and that there is a consistent commitment to the Selfless standard in developing the brand, this partnership with Thirst Project will bring significant change to the residents of Kingdom of eSwatini.”

– Seth Maxwell