Across the United States, Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges have risen to the challenge of ending the global water crisis. Want to get your school involved in the fight for water as a human right? Find out more below!

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2017-2018 SCHOOL

Fall Semester: September 4th – November 10th

Spring Semester: February 5th – April 13th

Thirst Project travels the country doing crazy cool things on school campuses nationwide, educating young people about the water crisis and then challenging them do something about it!

Interested in bringing us to your school? We travel the country speaking to students just like you! Reach out to us at today!

School Clubs


We have THOUSANDS of students across the country that are starting, leading, and joining Thirst Project clubs. Thirst Project clubs exist to educate their student body on the realities of the water crisis, with the ultimate goal of activating the entire school to help us end the global water crisis. Through presentations, events, activities, campaigns, and fundraisers, Thirst Project clubs are the driving force behind our army of students who help us build wells.


This Thirst Project Club Starter Kit is the blueprint for success if you want to start a Thirst Project Club at your local school. Find out EVERYTHING you need to know in terms of starting a club, working with your administration, recruiting students, planning fundraisers, participating in campaigns, and so much more!


Steps toward starting a Thirst Project Club…

  • Find two or three friends who understand our mission, and are ready to help change the world
  • Work with the Thirst Project home office and Administrations to get your club officialy registered.
  • Take your new and official club status, and reach your campus through recruiting, events, campaigns, and fundraisers!


Fundraise for clean water!

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Thirst Project Curriculum


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