We’re so excited to announce that Morton Salt has teamed up with our sister organization, Legacy Youth Leadership to produce another school-year long program! This year, we’ve teamed up with Morton Salt to give YOU the opportunity to ‘Walk HER Walk’ by giving water & life to thousands of people in need! ☔  We know that 2020 has given you quite a lot to be salty about this year 😅  but this world-changing partnership with our longtime partner Morton Salt is not one of them! 🙌  

Last School year we spoke to over 400 schools and more than 100,000 students who raised nearly $600,000 for clean water projects! That’s enough to give more than 35,000 people clean water for LIFE 💙  None of this would have been possible without the support of our partner, Morton Salt. Not only did they help make this last year possible, they will also gave our top four fundraisers a $2,000 scholarship.