Water is a Human Right! Join the Fight!

Thirst Project is the world’s leading youth water organization. We exist to educate students about the water crisis and mobilize them to fundraise for global water projects. Since 2008, we’ve funded over 3,000 clean water projects that have provided safe, clean water for life to more than 400,000 people in 13 countries. We are here to end the global water crisis!

To deliver on that goal, we’re building a best-in-class team, ready to roll up their sleeves (or their skinny jeans) and grow with us. We believe in hiring interns who are smart, solution-oriented, a little weird, and ambitious. We are looking for someone with Southern charm, a Midwestern work-ethic and a Silicon Valley brain.

You’ll get to work alongside every member of our tight-knit fun-obsessed team while learning how a student-led organization is built from the ground up.

Our intern philosophy:
- We pay interns. Meaningful, best-in-class work deserves to be compensated. We’ll give you a stipend for your work with us.
- Interns do real, meaningful work that contribute to our mission. You can bring us coffee if you want, but it’s not a requirement.
- Interns have specific, measurable goals. We’ll push you to do a lot so you learn a lot.
- Interns are fam. You’ll be part of our family now and forever. You’ll play a significant role in building and maintaining our office culture. Bring your weird.
- Interns make the best employees. As we grow, we’ll give priority to our interns for any open positions.

  • Title: Digital Marketing Intern
    Supervisor: Digital Marketing Coordinator

    Do you LIVE on social media? Are you OBSESSED with the latest digital creators who are shaping culture today? Do you know more about social trends than most MCN’s? (If you have to Google what an MCN is, you need not apply.) Do you think not only about how to create the tastiest CONTENT on your social channels, but also, how to build community by engaging with your network in meaningful ways? Are you familiar with leading youth nonprofits & for-profit corporations impacting our world today?

    We’re looking for a detail-oriented individual with a passion for the global water crisis. This individual will play a significant role in making us look as alluring as possible, while doing good. #lookgreat #dogreat

    *Side note: Must love dogs

    Most importantly, you’ve gotta love young people and know what young people love. We exist to serve young people, mainly students, so you must be with it on all of the latest trends or social platform updates, algorithms, and tracking strategies. With that being said, we are looking for YOU, a kick-butt social media guru and great communicator. Like we said before, you need to be OBSESSIVE about Grammar accuracy (we can’t position ourselves as an authoritative source for students or corporate partners if we’re sloppy.) Equally as important: You must be stoked to help people get access to clean water!>

  • Title: Thirst Project Ambassador – Trailblazer Program
    Supervisor: Director of School Tour & Systems

    We’re looking for hella passionate and energetic people to become Thirst Project Ambassadors in our Trailblazer Program for the upcoming school year. Are you someone who wants to make an IMPACT on the global water crisis (watch out, world) and be a CHAMPION for spreading awareness, education, and activating young people in their local communities? Well, you came to the right place my friend! This is a REMOTE position with lots of flexibility. Click this link for more details!>