Virtual School Tour


Our lives look different so Thirst Project looks different. School Tour has gone virtual and we want to present to YOU! Now more than ever, we believe in the power of young people to enact global change. Want to get your group involved in the fight for water as a human right? Fill out the form below to request a virtual presentation (at no cost)! 


We want to give a presentation to your students or group, educating them about global issues and challenging them to take action. Here are the QUICK BITES about our tour:

  • It is a FREE, 45 minute presentation (time can be adjusted, price cannot – it’s always FREE!)
  • Interactive with multimedia, presentations are in person or virtual!
  • We present to any and all audiences! Students of all ages, adults, assemblies, club meetings, and keynote speeches – you name it, we’ll be there. We adjust our content based on the audience size and type!
  • Peer to Peer: ALL of our speakers are under 30. We believe in the power of peer to peer education.
  • Global Citizenship and Social Consciousness: We will push students to think beyond their borders, and we will challenge students to step outside of their comfort zone.
  • Academic Standards? CHECK! Our presentation is supplemental to science, social studies, health, leadership, and environmental science curriculum.

We take our presentations seriously, but we never take ourselves too seriously. Be prepared for a youthful, articulate, passionate speaker who will without a doubt connect with your students.


School Tour

Bring a Thirst Project speaker to my event/school!
  • If event, event name. If no school, put group name.
  • What is your relation to the school or group your are reaching out on behalf of.
  • Where are you located?
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Thirst Project Education Sheet

Facts About The Water Crisis