Trips and Scholarships

To our students,

You inspire us. You challenge us. You support us. You are us. We at Thirst Project believe in the power of students, and as you, the students, have stepped up to help us end the global water crisis, we want to say thank you in a big way.

When you spend your entire school year planning different fundraisers, events, campaigns, and awareness activities to help end the water crisis, we do not want your work to go unnoticed. We know you as the student do good because you want to, not because you get something in return, but we believe in rewarding and celebrating goodness.

This year, we want to celebrate our top four fundraising schools, and within those schools, our top students who led those schools, to help raise the profile of the water crisis, and by the end of the year, build freshwater wells in developing countries.

WE ARE TAKING FOUR STUDENTS from our TOP FOUR FUNDRAISING schools to Africa, to see our work firsthand!

On July 31st we will take a look at all of the incredible schools who have fundraised for us, and from the top four fundraising schools, we will pick four of the students who led their schools in the fundraising efforts to receive a free trip to Africa*. If we are unable to come to a decision, we will reach out to the teacher advisor and the student group for nomination of the top student.


*Thirst Project will cover all flights to and from the winners’ home cities to the official Thirst Project locations in Africa that we visit, lodging/accommodations, ground transportation, all meals, travel insurance and excursions. Thirst Project will NOT cover the cost of vaccinations or souvenirs. Thirst Project will cover the retail value of the trip not exceeding $4000. This trip is nontransferable and may not be “cashed out”/ the cash value of the trips may not be paid directly to the winner under any circumstances.



Thirst Project