How did you hear about Thirst Project?

The internet. It’s crazy to think a simple google search is how I came across Thirst Project and this opportunity. After finding Thirst Project, I learned so much more about the organization and the water crisis through their social media accounts. I have a tendency to do intense investigative research; some people call it social media stalking… Call it what you wish.


What you are most excited about for the School Tour?

Everything!!! If you are forcing me to pick, it would definitely be the people. From the students to my homestay families to my coworkers at Thirst Project, it’s them who are making this experience so incredible for me. The friendships and memories I have made and will make is what I am grateful for.


Why do you think water is important?

I have never had to think or worry about how I would get my next glass of water. Everywhere I look, water is available to me. I don’t think where you live should determine whether or not you have access to safe, clean water. Also, I am going to state the obvious… water is a basic human right.


What are some of your hobbies/interests?

Anything related to being outside; preferably the beach but I live in Ohio…

Exploring new places!!


Sarcasm (is that a hobby/interest? Idk)

Most importantly, modeling (jk jk)


What is your spirit animal and why?

A giraffe. They are tall, thin, kind of cool but kind of awkward… like me.


Where or who do you look to for inspiration?

Two things! Number 1: My family. Seriously, they are the best #blessed

Number 2: Small acts of kindness. It reminds me that people are inherently good and the little moments matter.