Title: Digital Marketing Intern
Supervisor: Digital Marketing Coordinator



  • Social Media.
    1. You will assist in managing all social media channels. A great Digital Marketing Intern will grow both engagement and followership on all channels.
      • Instagram
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • YouTube
    2. This includes but is not limited to responding to DM’s, commenting on tagged posts, surfing the explore feed and consistently engaging with our online audiences, whether they follow our page or not. 


  • Social & Organizational Content.
    1. You will help create & curate content for general Thirst Project promotions 
      • Social Media
      • Brand Partner Campaigns
      • Event Teasers & Recap Reports
      • School Tour Assets
      • Student Handbook
      • Quarterly & Annual reports
      • GIFs, Videos & Photography
    2. You will write all student-facing content (emails, school assets, etc.)
    3. You will assist the Marketing Director with work with a network of artisans & contractors for photography, video, design and promo materials.



  1. Ability to multi-task is a must, detail-oriented, logistically sound, with a self starter mentality.
    • If you can’t rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time… we have a problem.
  2. Youthful, FUN, highly relational, student leadership experience preferred.
    • Must have good jokes (negotiable) and be willing to laugh at ours (non-negotiable).
    • Must love to work with young people.
  3. Flexible and adaptable to different schedules, projects.
    • Agility: Looking for someone with a flexibility level between Gumby and a US gymnast. We move fast, we learn & shift even faster. You must be able to keep up.
  4. Passionate about seeing the END of the global water crisis through a MOVEMENT of young people.
    • Nothing is cooler than helping a sixth grader from Delaware plan a badminton tournament to give people halfway around the world clean water. Believe in the power of young people.
  5. Team player.
    • You’ll be our right hand, our go-to, for all things Marketing. You must be able to give the people what they want and have an awesome #winning attitude doing it.
  6. Attentian to detail.
    • Like we said, you are an absolute grammar watchdog (if you didn’t notice a spelling error, Houston, we have a problem). 
  7. Must be a Social Media guru.
    • You should be the BEST at creating engaging social content.
    • You will be the digital mouthpiece of Thirst Project.
  8. Must be proficient in all Adobe programs.
    • Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign are your precious babies.
  9. Knowledge of WordPress, Final Cut and UI/UX design is a plus.
  10. Strong written & oral communication skills required.
    • You will be working on projects alongside clients of Thirst Project


  1. Flexible Hours. Expected to spend 10-15 Hours per week dependent on class/work schedule.
  2. Getting PAID. $1,000 Stipend for each Internship term. 
  3. Working alongside a BEST in class team who share a passion and desire to end the water crisis!



Send a one-page resume and cover letter to jobs@thirstproject.org with the subject line: [YOUR FIRST NAME] IS THIRSTY FOR THIS INTERNSHIP. Note, we’re severely allergic to boring cover letters and resumes. Be creative. Don’t forget to attach a PDF or online link to your portfolio, as well as your Instagram handle!