YOU Choose HOW We Use Your Money.

At Thirst Project, the source that money comes from determines how it gets spent. Our incredible Board of Governors leads a Team of donors who give generously to cover 100% of our “overhead” or operating expenses, so that we can guarantee that 100% of public donations go directly to funding water projects on the ground. Any operating expense reflected in our financials was designated and restricted for use exclusively for the capacity-building of our organization and the growth of our school programs.

2015 Financials

2015 was an important year at Thirst Project. We paused almost all water project fundraising outside of our student fundraising and invested almost exclusively in finding and securing dedicated donors and sponsors to grow our organization and school programs. These donors were separate from all student and public donations and they gave exclusively to fund these initiatives so that we can reach more students, who, in turn, can now fundraise exponentially more to build more water projects than ever in 2016 and beyond. This year of capacity-building laid the foundation we now have where students are raising water project funds far beyond anything we’ve ever done before.

2014 IRS Form 990

Check out our 2014 IRS Form 990!