Take Action

“Love requires action.” Were not just about feeling good, we’re about doing good. Awareness, hype and excitement are great, but only if they result in lives changed. We believe everyone has the ability to do something and make an impact in this issue, no matter how young or old. We’ve seen power in low-level donations in large numbers, students and youth rallying together, volunteers uniting in compassion and corporate sponsors giving radically. Now it’s YOUR turn!

Give: Compassion is more powerful than sacrifice.

We are impacting the lives of thousands of people all the time, and that just doesn’t happen without tremendous support. Nobody should give out of guilt or force. We believe that compassion is more powerful sacrifice. When you give and make the choice to live beyond yourself, your world actually expands and you enjoy the experience of living generously. We encourage you to give compassionately and generously from the resources you have, not just to provide clean water, but provide LIFE for those who need it most.

As little as $20 can provide one person with safe, clean water for twenty or more years! All it takes is twenty people to commit to give $20 per month and we can build a freshwater project that will change the lives of an entire community forever. Give compassionately. Change a life. Give $20 a month.

School Tours

School ToursOur School Tours are the biggest local program we have and it keeps growing. This nation-wide initiative has already reached hundreds of thousands of students! With such great momentum behind this program, we’re excited to continue to reach new students with the message of the global water crisis. We travel the country bringing live, on-campus, “Assembly-styled” events to students all over the United States. Our events are strategically designed to use highly sensory, tactile creative elements, video, and live speaking that take students through the journey of the water crisis, leading to tangible calls to action that empower and equip schools to make a real difference. It’s amazing what our fellow students are doing and we’re so excited to be leading the way. Is YOUR school a stop on the Tour? To make it happen, E-mail info@ThirstProject.org to put in a request and learn how to bring The Thirst Project to your town today!


We don’t do what we do without support. We have an AMAZING volunteer team who are involved in every aspect of the organization from planning events to serving in the office and representing Thirst through marketing efforts and raising funds. We’d love to have you as a member of our team. Get plugged in and connect with a group that is talented, giving, and loves to have fun! Sign up to volunteer today!