Give & get the gift of clean water this Holiday Season

Every year we celebrate the holidays by putting up decorations, throwing parties, buying gifts, and stuffing our faces with delicious junk food. These holiday traditions cost Americans $400 billion dollars (2.6 billion just on wrapping paper!) each year. And yet we all know it's what you can't buy- family, friends, love for your fellow man - that truly makes the holidays worth celebrating.

Which is why this holiday season, the Thirst Project wants to help you give the gift of water to someone who needs it. Giving up one gift - just $25 - can provide one person with clean water for the rest of his or her life. So give up just one gift, and ask a friend, family member, or co-worker to instead donate $25 to the Thirst Project.

When you give someone clean water, you're also giving them freedom - from toiling for hours collecting water. You're giving them time - to spend with their families. You're giving them life - by helping prevent diseases that kill 4,400 people every day.

The best gift you can give: Water.

The best gift you can get: Water.

Click the video to watch how easy it is for you and your friends and family to make a difference this holiday season.

$25 Dollars gives clean water to ONE person.

Give up just ONE of your gifts this Holiday Season by asking your parents, friends, or family to give $25 in your name to give ONE person clean water.

Give the gift of clean water in one of your friends’ or family members’ names.

The way to do both of these is by purchasing our awesome $25 Thirst Project Holiday Gift Card to show the world your love.

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Our friends at Contiki are doing something BIG this holiday season. They are giving away a FREE vacation to the student who raises the most money during the Thirst Project Holiday Campaign from December 1 to December 31, 2013.

Give the gift of clean water and you will be entered to win a FREE Contiki vacation.

Just donate $25 by puchasing our Thirst Project Holiday Gift Card and you could win a FREE Contiki vacation.

$25 Gives ONE Person Clean Water!

Purchase your Thirst Projet Holiday Gift Card.

Give up one of your gifts -or- give the gift of clean water this holiday season! Simply fill out the required fields below & then click “buy now” to purchase your $25 Holiday Gift Card! After you order- share what you just did with your friends and family, online!

Water is a Human Right. Join the Fight.